YMCA Volunteer of the Year

YMCA of San Francisco Honors Dean Henry and the Chinatown YMCA Capital Fundraising Committee at annual Volunteer of the Year celebration.

Ford Lee, Pat Lee, May Young, Sue Hom

The YMCA of San Francisco recently celebrated and honored the outstanding volunteers and community partners who share their time, energy and talent with the YMCA.

Alvina Korn, Leslie Truong

For the first time, the YMCA presented the Capital Campaign Achievement Award to Dean Henry and the Chinatown Capital Fundraising Committee for their outstanding accomplishment to raise the necessary funds to build the new Chinatown YMCA.

Jackie Siminitus, Vincent Siminitus

In 1997, a few “Old Y Boys” launched the Chinatown Capital Campaign to renovate and expand the Chinatown YMCA’s aging facility. They became the Chinatown Capital Fundraising Committee. As boys growing up in Chinatown, they played ball, swam, and hung out at the Y. They learned leadership through the club program and learned philanthropy through the mentorship of the staff and leaders of the Y in the ‘40s.

Ken Robinson, Gigi Carter

The Committee led the fundraising efforts and raised $12 million for the renovation project at 855 Sacramento Street for one simple reason-to give this and future generations a chance to swim, play ball, and learn about community spirit at the Y; to have a second home, a safe haven similar to what they had in the 1930s and ‘40s.

YMCA Volunteer of the Year Awards Al Stuebing, Daniel Hershkowitz

For 13 years, the Committee has reached ever-growing fundraising goals by giving their own donations then extending the opportunity to invest in a new Y to their friends and old “Y boy” contacts. Each time more money needed to be raised, the committee took the challenge on and reached their goal.

Bill Worthington, Tommy Wong

“The Committee’s dedication, commitment, and personal philanthropy are what we are proud to honor this year as we reach the final stretch in this amazing journey. This award also honors Dean Henry, YMCA of San Francisco board member, for his leadership, Dean helped to raise $500,000 for the new Chinatown Y slated to open this September”, Chuck Collins, President and CEO, YMCA of San Francisco.

Jordana Better, John Gibbs

The YMCA also honored Pacific Gas & Electric Company for the many years of generous support of the YMCA’s after school enrichment and environmental education programs. Since 1998, PG&E has donated over $300,000, including a grant to help transform the roof of the Embarcadero YMCA into a garden and science classroom for students participating in YMCA programs.

Kari Lee, Carmela Gold, Peter Chong

The YMCA of San Francisco is fortunate to have over 2,500 dedicated volunteers who help serve over 170,000 people annually throughout San Francisco, Marin and San Mateo Counties. With the support of our volunteers, the YMCA of San Francisco continues to strengthen the foundations of community through programs focused on youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. This year’s event was hosted by comedian Michael Pritchard.

Lisa Moniz, Lauren Weston
Roxanne Richards, Corey Marshall, CJ van Pelt, Bert Richards