Wishing You A Happy New Year!

There’s something special about being born in January, because every year starts off doubly-fresh. You share a new beginning with the entire planet!

This month, some of the area’s most prominent people celebrate their birthday. Among them, tech visionary Orkut Buyukkokten and his partner Derek Holbrook, philanthropist Adorean Boleancu, Goldman Sachs VP Syida Long, supermodel Maggie Rizer Mehran, philanthropists Komal Shah and Monaz Mehta, real estate agents Betsy Linder and Joel Goodrich, Philanthropist founder Jessica Moment, Facebook executive Libby Leffler, plastic surgeon Dr. Carolyn Chang, fashion designer Giancarlo Vega, interior designer Shelby de Quesada, Wineluv co-founder Christine Rios, photographer Steven Underhill, political fundraising consultant Stefanie Roumeliotes, Tango Diva founder Teresa Rodriguez, columnist Beth Spotswood, restaurateur Sergey Sharapoff, and many more fabulous men and women!

Happy Birthday to you all!