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Why We Love Esther Dyson

Why We Love Esther Dyson

Anne Wojcicki, Martha Stewart and Sergey Brin. Photo by Esther Dyson via Flickr.

If the whole “Guru of Silicon Valley”/board member/investor, and all around smart-gal thing doesn’t work out for her, Esther Dyson could definitely get a gig as photographer to the stars. In the last few months she gave the world a candid snap of Anne Wojcicki at some restaurant with the book “What is your Dangerous Idea?” on top of her head, and now Valleywag’s Megan McCarthy has just uncovered this gem — Mr. and Mrs. Google Brin casually hanging out with Martha Stewart in Mountain View just a few days ago!

What I love about this picture (aside from the bizarre pairing of Martha and Anne… I mean, who would have expected that?), is the way she just almost cuts Sergey Brin — one of the world’s most influential, most wealthy, most famous and most interesting men — out of the frame!

It’s that whole Silicon Valley thing of pretending one isn’t rich and famous. “Oh, we’re just good friends hanging out over the weekend drinking bottled water. Look, we have to wear name badges so people know who we are.”

Badges! The Google people made Martha Stewart wear a name badge. Now that’s power.

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