Whores, Dogs, and Germans

No, “Whores, Dogs, and Germans” is not the title of my autobiography, thank you very much. But it is the title of a lecture and performance tonight at the San Francisco Performing Arts Library and Museum. The topic of the evening is Valeska Gert, a German performer in France’s Grand Guignol. (The Grand Guignol was a theatre in the Pigalle area of Paris that specialised in horror shows, from 1897 to 1962.)

Valeska is a fascinating figure, with a career on both the stage and film, so I think this evening’s lecture, performance, and film screenings (starting at 7:00 pm) should be really interesting. Seating is limited and reservations are required (tickets are only$10.) Call (415) 255-4800 to get a seat.

  • Further Information: “Whores, Dogs & Germans” [sfpalm.org]