Where in the World is Cameron Sinclair?

Cameron Sinclair and wife Kate Stohr, in Biloxi, Mississippi last year. [Photo via Wired.com]

Today Cameron Sinclair is in Cape Town, South Africa. In a few days you’ll find him in Washington, DC., and later he’ll be in Aspen, Colorado. When is he ever home? (His headquarters are in Sausalito.) I bring this up after studying his amusing schedule of trips at the Architecture for Humanity website. He really gets around! The founder, with wife Kate Stohr, of Architecture for Humanity has important projects all over the world, building post-Katrina housing in Biloxi, Mississippi, and AIDS clinics in South Africa. The travel might be tough, but when you’re a man on a mission, you have to go where the work takes you.

P.S. If you want to see Cameron on his home turf, he’ll be making an appearance at “West Coast Green” in San Francisco this September.

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