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Vintage Done Right

A friend with an eye for vintage Pucci and Versace marched yours truly over to Torso Vintages at 272 Sutter today when he heard I had never been there. I walked in and was absolutely astonished. This treasure trove of vintage couture has been there since December and I had no idea whatsoever! (Apparently you’re all keeping secrets from poor SFluxe Editor.)

It was all a bit too much for me to handle at once, so I plan many visits (had I fainted from the excitement, I’m sure they would have revived me with some fabulous Victorian smelling salt.)

Adrian, Trigere, Rucci, Pucci, Gucci — it’s all there. 1920s flapper dresses, fantastically fragile lace blouses, 1950s taffeta, Halston-era goddess gowns. If you want it, they’ve got it, but more importantly they have what you never imagined you wanted, offering some delightful surprise wherever you look.

For those of you who turn away at the mere mention of vintage, I suggest you turn right back around and check it out for yourself. This isn’t junk shop vintage. This is flawless, boutique quality clothing. When I visited, owner John was painstakingly overseeing new inventory with his assistant Erika and their brilliant seamstress, making sure the clothing was in perfect condition before selling it. It’s an attention to detail and quality that one doesn’t even see in many ready-to-wear shops.

  • Shop: Torso Vintages, San Francisco [272 Sutter Street @ Grant]
  • Shop: Torso Vintages, Portland [3123 N. E. Broadway, Portland, Or.]