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Vanessa’s Santa Monica Moment

Vanessa’s Santa Monica Moment

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, with Vanessa Traina. © Patrick McMullan

In a room crowded with some of the biggest names of fashion and Hollywood, there’s a lot of pressure on a gal to look her best. At last week’s spectacular Chanel show in Santa Monica, Vanessa Traina showed ’em how it’s done. Among all the style-setters and fashion victims in clothes both bought and borrowed, Vanessa (wearing a Chanel top with YSL suit) looked the most sophisticated and exuded the most confidence in what she was wearing.

Almost everyone at the event looked good (mostly in Chanel), but few looked great. Too much of it was borrowed for the occasion — and I’m sorry, but it’s hard to look like you know how to dress when you’re dressed by someone on your staff, or worse, someone you’ve never met before. I mean Diane Kruger was cute in Chanel Couture, but does anyone believe that Diane Kruger would have ever worn Chanel Couture if a publicist hadn’t gotten her into the show?

True couture is sacred, and should be worn by people who can afford it (like Vanessa) or were born to wear it and have it given to them (like the late Isabella Blow.) But this whole borrowed couture thing — ya basta!

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