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Unique Zan Women’s Center Has Opened

Unique Zan Women’s Center Has Opened

Unique Zan Women's Center Has Opened | SFLUXE 6

Bita Daryabari

We have exciting news about Bita Daryabari’s charity, the Unique Zan Foundation. It has recently funded the opening of the Unique Zan Women’s Center in Dura, Hebron, in partnership with Relief International – Schools OnLine (RI-SOL). They renovated a two-story building in Dura, transforming it into a center specialized to address the needs of women.

The Unique Zan Women’s Center is designed to provide women with access to adequate education, health, and other basic services that are essential for them to maintain their own well-being and to gain the skills needed to place them in full control of their lives, and subsequently create broader social change.

The Zan Center addresses the three main issues plaguing women in Dura: they need greater access to education, access to business skills, and to gain awareness of issues such as early marriage and gender equity.

Bita Daryabari, who is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, says that through the provision of a wide-range of activities, including health awareness, IT trainings, vocational training, educational learning (formal and informal), and sports activities, the Zan Women’s Center in Dura is tackling all three of these major issues.

Women receiving medical instruction and basic assistance on “Medical Day”

“The holistic education and empowerment approach will not only improve women’s access to formal and informal education, but will also cultivate social change at the local community level,” she says.

“Given the hardships faced in Dura, this new Center has provided hope to a population of women, currently facing severe hardships, growing isolation and social polarization.”

Women taking a course to receive their driver’s license

You can learn more about the Unique Zan Foundation and its Dura Women’s Center by visiting