Uncorked! with Friends of Larkin Street

The love of food and passion for a good cause

BY Glenden Hess - July 14, 2016

On June 9th, at the Bluxome Street Winery, the people of San Francisco raised money for homeless youth by simply eating and drinking!

Liza Cherney, Blake Francis, Jessica Leao
Liza Cherney, Blake Francis, Jessica Leao (Photos by: Drew Altizer)

Alex Smith, Emily Schuman
Alex Smith, Emily Schuman (Photos by: Drew Altizer)

Don Daves-Riudeaux, Dani Phillips
Don Daves-Riudeaux, Dani Phillips (Photos by: Drew Altizer)

Bryan Silver, Megan Calkins
Bryan Silver, Megan Calkins (Photos by: Drew Altizer)

Danette Winkler, Samara Dun
Danette Winkler, Samara Dun (Photos by: Drew Altizer)

Kendyl Bell, Cary Davalos
Kendyl Bell, Cary Davalos (Photos by: Drew Altizer)

Monica Fiorentini, Martha Huettl
Monica Fiorentini, Martha Huettl (Photos by: Drew Altizer)

Luis Bacalao, Mary Kate Bacalao
Luis Bacalao, Mary Kate Bacalao (Photos by: Drew Altizer)

Amy Fenning, Robert Bala
Amy Fenning, Robert Bala (Photos by: Drew Altizer)

Cara Fowler, Kevin Bates
Cara Fowler, Kevin Bates (Photos by: Drew Altizer)

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