The Ultimate in Holiday Travel

Who doesn’t hate holiday travel? The long lines, the delayed flights, the peanut smell in the cabin, and of course everyone’s favorite — the crying baby.

We have been looking for a more glamorous alternative and we think you’ll like what we found. Take a private jet! The cost and ease of booking it is actually a lot more reasonable than you may have thought, thanks to XOJET.

For $25,000 you can reserve a private flight on a super-fast Citation X, seating 8 people, to take you from the Oakland airport to either Washington, Philadelphia or New York.

What a spectacular way to treat your closest friends and family to a really special trip (without spending the $20 million it would cost to own your own CitationX!)

Visit the XOJET site to reserve your special flight. The price includes ground transportation, unlimited in-flight worldwide calling, and standard catering.