TV is the Best Revenge

Arthur Buzzone and Elaine Santore on SF Unscripted.

I am thrilled to see that SFluxe Friend Elaine Santore is to appear on Channel 11’s “SF Unscripted”next week. Do note the headband, of which I approve highly. She continues the tradition started by Hedda Hopper — the legendary gossip columnist who famously wore outlandish hats.

This comes just a month after she was “let go” from Apparently Elaine was too buzzworthy for that tedious site, with its constant coverage of Ed Jew and the Muni.

Speaking of which… who do you think she’s describing in her recent Blind Item, where she refers to a “Media Trifecta Of Irrelevance… run by a ruthless gang of average-looking bitches (male and female) and an army of anonymous trolls that want to make life miserable for everyone else”?

I don’t know what the SFisters did to poor Elaine, but I do know this — she’s now on TV and they ain’t!