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True Luxury in Shoes

A reader has alerted SFluxe to a bespoke shoemaker that is absolutely divine.

Bontoni is a small family company that specializes in ready-to-wear and bespoke Italian men’s shoes. It was founded three years ago in Montegranaro, Italy — their family had been making shoes for the past 75 years. Their small workshop is located in the Le Marche region of Italy, considered the capital of fine shoemaking. Before starting the company, they had been selling to just a small circle of friends in Italy, but now the shoes are at Wilkes Bashford in San Francisco, and will soon be at Bergdorf Goodman in New York.

The custom made shoes start at $3,500 and can only be bought in Italy, but the ready to wear can be purchased here (starting at $995.) It takes 9 weeks to craft a pair of ready made shoes, and only 7 – 10 pair can be produced a day, so this is a very luxurious, very special product that few can enjoy. If you wear Bontoni shoes, send us a photo of yourself wearing them– we love seeing the enjoyment of luxury products like this in the real world.