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Treat her like a Queen

Treat her like a Queen

For those who have not yet bought a present for the special lady in your life, here’s a suggestion: contact the Legion of Honor about buying a bottle of the exclusive limited edition perfume called Marie Antoinette Sillage de la Reine Perfume.

The pricey scent ($900 for 25ml) is an exact replica of the scent worn by Marie Antoinette, and only 1000 units of it have been created.

You may have to do some finagling to get a bottle — if you were to order it online, it would take two to three weeks for delivery, and as you know, there is very little time left.

It’s costly and it’s hard to get, but come on, surely the queen in your life is worth it.

  • Further Information: Marie Antoinette Sillage de la Reine Perfume
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