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Wells Tower and Laura Albert at Tosca

Wells Tower and Laura Albert at Tosca

Wells Tower and Laura Albert at Tosca | SFLUXE 1

Laura Albert with Tosca’s Jeannette Etheridge, Ron Turner, and friend

The lit worlds new darling Wells Tower met up with world renowned author Laura Albert this week for an interview that was filmed for an upcoming project. Green Apple books hosted the special event at Tosca, with everyone from McSweeney’s in attendance, as well as Ron Turner of Last Gasp.

Laura with Wells Tower

Wells Tower’s debut novel is “Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned.” Before this, his work appeared in Esquire, The Paris Review and McSweeney’s. He’s won a couple of Pushcart Prizes. His fiction is described as “tight, tough and laugh-out-loud funny,” and “the freshest voice to hit the literary scene in a long while.”

Laura with Eli Horowitz, managing editor and publisher of McSweeney’s

For those who are wondering what the San Francisco-based Albert has been up to lately, check out this interview she gave to the San Francisco Chronicle’s Aidin Vaziri.

And The New Yorker has recently noted the publication of a new Albert short story, Jo-Jo (which you can read at Five Chapters.)

Laura with Emi Takahara, from TCHO Choclates, and Joslin Van Arsdale of Eco Citizen

As Laura’s fans know, she is hopelessly addicted to chocolate, so Emi Takahara from the fantastic TCHO chocolates came by to ensure that all chocolate desires were fulfilled.