Touching Hearts, Hosted by Sophie Azouaou

After we recently mentioned the upcoming NBC show “Touching Hearts,” hosted by Sophie Azouaou (known in San Francisco as “the Interior Designer who gives back”), we received several inquiries for more information. We’re more than happy to share what we know, because it’s a program we’re excited about ourselves!

Sophie Azouaou
Sophie Azouaou
Host of Touching Hearts
Owner of Sophisticate Interiors

With a team headed by an Emmy Award-winning producer, Touching Hearts is to be a half-hour weekly show that promises to give a never-before seen look inside the world of philanthropy. It will tell the often surprising stories about the people who work constantly to keep our most vital charitable organizations thriving.

Its first airing will reach an audience of millions on NBC, September 13, 2009… right after Sunday Night Football! San Francisco charities, businesses, and social leaders will have an opportunity to reach millions of homes in a way they have never had before.

With charitable giving at a low-point, this show is urgently needed!

The producers of Touching Hearts have informed us that several major corporations have already committed their commercial support for the program. They have set aside, however, a few more sponsorship opportunities for small to medium companies that would like to be involved (and we must say, the pricing isn’t bad.)

In addition to full sponsorships, there are also opportunities to have acknowledgements given to people in the credits. We think it’s such a lovely way to honor someone!

touching hearts

If you would like further information about becoming involved in the show in some way, you can either go to their website ( or email [email protected]

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