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Nick Cave's works at Denver Art Museum.

Top 6 Must-See Museum Shows in 2013

Here are the top 6 must-see museum shows in 2013. Take note that it is your last chance to see a lot of them!

1. “All You Need is LOVE: From Chagall to Kusama and Hatsune Miku”; Mori Art Museum in Tokyo; until September 1, 2013

There are 200 artworks that can be seen at this exhibition at the Mori Art Museum, which is being displayed to commemorate the museum's tenth anniversary. These artworks include Jeff Koons' Sacred Heart.

top museum shows
Ed Ruscha's works at the J. Paul Getty Museum.

2. “In Focus: Ed Ruscha”; J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles; until September 29, 2013

Ed Ruscha is the epitome of L.A. art and this particular museum show focuses on his wide range of photography, including his photo books, such as the well-known photo book from 1963 called Twenty-Six Gasoline Stations.

3. “Nick Cave: Sojourn”; Denver Art Museum; until September 22, 2013

Who hasn't heard of Nick Cave’s work? While Nick Cave is well-known the world over, it isn't often people will get to see a museum show that focuses on his textile-meets-dance work. 20 of his famous Soundsuits will be part of the show.

top museum shows
Nick Cave's works at Denver Art Museum.

4. “Martin Kippenberger: Sehr Gut/Very Good”; Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin; until August 18, 2013

Martin Kippenberger died in 1997 at the age of 44, right when his career was just starting to skyrocket. Now, he is being focused on by the very city in which he studied art to begin with.

5. “Ellen Gallagher: AxeMe”; Tate Modern in London; until September 1, 2013

Ellen Gallagher works in both film and paint, but is most famous for her riffs on various wig advertisements. Right now, she also has a New Museum show ongoing in New York City.

6. “Georges Braque and the Cubist Still Life, 1928—1945”; Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C.; until September 1, 2013

The idea for this particular museum show is very interesting. Instead of focusing on Georges Braque's early Cubist works, it focuses on his mature phase instead. There are stunning paintings to be found in this museum show, including his well-known Rosenberg Quartet.