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Tom Dolby Book Party

Tom Dolby Book Party

Tom Dolby Book Party | SFLUXE

Ray Dolby, Dagmar Dolby, Natasha Desterro, Tom Dolby, David Dolby, Francoise Skurman, Andrew Skurman

Could there be a more perfect place for a private book party than the modernist Nob Hill apartment of Andrew and Francoise Skurman? You know that a book must be worthy of your time to be included among such important art work. Such was the case earlier this month, when the Skurman’s hosted a party for Tom Dolby’s new novel, “The Sixth Form,” which has been getting stellar reviews.

Inside the Skurman residence

And now for the real people…
Kevin Clarke, KM Soehnlein, Tom Dolby
Andrew Skurman, Lucy Weissman
Tina Bartlett Hinckley, Tom Dolby
Francoise Skurman, Dagmar Dolby, Natasha Desterro
Antonia Clark, Michael Cohen
Bobbie Baron
Andrew Skurman, Francoise Skurman
Vaughn Woodson, Peggi McGlynn
Robert Hinckley, Susan Land
Elise Kessler, Brian Grieve
Barbara Willenborg, Kathleen Solmssen
Derek Windham, Annie Jeong
Lucy Weissman, Tom Perkins
Jeanne Robertson, Sandy Robertson, Jennifer Siebel Newsom
Harry Hunt, Kitty Davis
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