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Tipping Point Raises $6 Million

Tipping Point Raises $6 Million

Tipping Point Raises $6 Million to Fight Poverty in the Bay Area

Tipping Point Community, the Bay Area’s leading poverty-fighting organization, raised $6 million during its recently held annual benefit for 2010. A full 100 percent of the money will go to organizations that provide vital services to local individuals and families in need, as Tipping Point’s board underwrites all of the event’s costs.

Neal Benezra, Elaine McKeon, Norman Stone

With healthcare making headlines in 2010, Tipping Point Community’s benefit focused its major fundraising of the night on bringing integrated pediatric care to the city’s most vulnerable youth.

Jonathan Abrams, Martine Krumholz

This year’s “Be a Tipping Point” auction package raised $4 million from 95 donors to revolutionize urban healthcare by providing child abuse prevention, pediatric care, mental health, and educational resources all within a single building located in southeast San Francisco. With San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center at the helm, this groundbreaking resource will gather the city’s best youth serving professionals to give low-income parents everything they need to keep their children healthy and safe in one accessible location.

Steve Dunne, Lacey Dunne, Kelsey Fithian, David Lamond

“Having a good doctor is essential but in the communities we serve, it simply isn’t enough. You need doctors, social workers, police, nurses, lawyers and city agencies talking to each other in one location to treat the whole child,” said Tipping Point Community Founder + CEO, Daniel Lurie. “We are in a region built on innovation. We can be the first in the country to bring top quality streamlined healthcare and abuse response to low-income families.”

Lucie Weissman, Jerry Weissman

The benefit was co-chaired by Chris and Bradley James, David Lamond and Kelsey Fithian, Bill and Leigh Matthes, and Tipping Point’s newest board member, Jed York. Mr. Lurie served as host of the 4th annual event, while Tipping Point board member Ronnie Lott, Twitter and Square Co-Founder Jack Dorsey and Olympic skier Jonny Moseley also addressed the guests. John Legend entertained the nearly 1,500 guests who gathered at The Warfield for the fundraiser. DJ Ruckus spun for the well attended after party.

Christine Bronsky, Kimberly Pinkson

Of the night Mr. Lurie commented, “This evening’s record-breaking results, coupled with an outstanding fundraising year led by a signature $1 million gift from Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin and his wife Anne Wojcicki, will enable Tipping Point Community to double its funding to the best poverty-fighting organizations in the Bay Area. We’re pumped!”

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