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Those Who Care, Count!

Those Who Care, Count!

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San Francisco business leaders and philanthropists took to the street last night to assist the city in its bi-annual city-wide homeless count.

Starting at 8:00 PM and lasting to midnight, caring citizens such as NBC’s Jessica Aguirre, Adorean Boleancu (who captained a group of the volunteers) and Ludmila Kisseleva volunteered their time to walk through the Tenderloin and conduct a census of homeless persons living in shelters and other city sponsored programs. Without an accurate count, the proper federal funding won’t be sent to the City. So those who care, count!

Just last year we published a poem that Adorean Boleancu had written that underscores the importance of individuals giving their help to those in need. “When we have been blessed with many choices in life, The most precious gift which cuts to the core like a knife, Is the gift of giving, everyday now, everyday now!”

It’s truly an inspiration to see people like Boleancu put their words into action! The census, which is required of all cities and counties, receiving federal homeless assistance funding, helps establish a more comprehensive accounting of the extent of homelessness in San Francisco. San Francisco’s last homeless count conducted in January of 2007 revealed that the City’s point-in-time homeless population numbered 6,377.

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