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The World Just 7 Minutes Away

The World Just 7 Minutes Away

As you know, the hassles of air travel have little do with the actual travel and much to do with all the stuff leading up to the travel — commuting to and from the airport, checking in, waiting and waiting and waiting. And as you also know, people who fly privately are able to cut out most of those hassle. One thing, however, they’re not able to do is actually move the airport closer to their home to cut down on commute time.


Well, not if your a Googlionaire. This week my friends at Valleywag got the scoop (later confirmed by the International Herald Tribune) on Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s sweet new parking spot. They’ve bought the right to park their jet at NASA’s Moffet Field, which is federally managed — a mere seven minutes from the company’s Mountain View headquarters.

“It is a perk that is likely to turn other Silicon Valley tycoons green with envy,” writes the Tribune’s Miguel Helft, “but one that may not sit well with a community that generally considers itself proud to have Google in its midst.”

In 1992 voters in Mountain View and Sunnyvale overwhelmingly decided that the air field should not be opened to general aviation.

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