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The Ultimate Designer Label

The Ultimate Designer Label

The Ultimate Designer Label | SFLUXE 2

We started with designer labels, then moved on to designer logos (which some people took a little too far… remember the infamous LV wedding?) And now comes the new trend in designer branding – the designer signature.

When Stella McCartney and Paul Smith recently visited San Francisco, two of their most loyal customers showed their appreciation by asking for a special autograph. Stella signed Elizabeth Touw‘s chic red Stella McCartney folder bag when she was at Neiman Marcus, and Paul signed Derek Holbrook’s exquisite, hand-painted Paul Smith shoes at the opening of his new store on Geary Street.

Derek Holbrook, Paul Smith and Orkut Buyukkokten; Stella McCartney and Elizabeth Touw

Elizabeth, who is a Trustee/Board Member of Pets Unlimited in San Francisco was especially happy to chat with Stella because, she says, “she’s my animal rights idol!” (The red bag is an animal-free product.)