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The Third Annual Masked Ball

The Third Annual Masked Ball

The Third Annual Masked Ball | SFLUXE 1
pamela joyner
Pamela Joyner

On October 24, 2009, Pamela Joyner and Fred Giuffrida opened the doors to their Presidio Heights home once again to raise funds for a worthy cause. With generous matching benefactor The Howard G. Buffett Foundation, Joyner and Giuffrida’s 3rd annual Masked Ball raised more than a half million dollars to benefit Survivor Corps.

Complete with jeweled masks and an atmosphere highlighted with this year’s theme of white and gold, Joyner and Giuffrida hosted the event in a unique simulcast setting with three additional cities: Los Angeles, New York and London.

Lonna Wais and James Long

The evening would not have been complete without the generosity shown by Pamela and her husband Fred, currently on the board of Survivor Corps, in hosting such an amazing and honorable event.

Amanda Paxel and Gus Araya

Kudos to Amanda Paxel and her husband Gus Araya, for their extraordinary efforts in reaching out to 2000 young patrons through an internet campaign, resulting in 400 new donors and over $30,000 raised for the foundation. Guests celebrated the evening with wine, hors d’oeuvres and a fantastic live auction held in conjunction with the simulcast hosts, Tracy Allen in Los Angeles and Reginald Van Lee in New York. London’s celebration included a silent auction.

Rob Van Es, Afsaneh Akhtari, Alan Malouf, Karen Tamblyn, Joel Goodrich, Carolyne Zinko, Dan Dieguez

Some of San Francisco’s most prominent social and political figures joined together to help raise more than half million dollars for Survivor Corps through auction bids, donations and the extra generous support of the matching benefactor, The Howard G. Buffett Foundation.

Kathy Adams, Deirdre Lettington and Joy Gibson
Holly Baxter and Pamela Joyner

Among others, auction items included a five-night stay on the Amalfi Coast, a three-night Paris Fashion Getaway, a week-long stay on the island of Malta, and a one-week trip to London. The London trip won the highest bid and featured dinner for 12 at the Hub Culture Club, tea and design preview with Caroline Harrowby, a couture creation by Azadeh, and a consultation, luncheon and $500 gift certificate from Neiman Marcus Union Square. Auctioneer Greg Quiroga did a fantastic job of raising awareness for Survivor Corps and keeping attention focused on the auction.

Joel Goodrich
Pamela Joyner and Rosalina Lydster
Brie Bythewood and Alicia Bythewood

With events in four cities, Joyner and Giuffrida hope the evening reminded guests of the foundation Survivor Corps has built to help war survivors find encouragement, motivation and hope.

Photos from last years’ event can be seen here.

Valerie Toler, Marie Lipman, Barry Lipman, Donald Creary
Charles Butler and Gwendolyn Butler
Kristen Coleman and Caretha Coleman

About Survivor Corps:
Survivor Corps is a movement of survivors of armed conflict around the world who are striving to rebuild their lives today. Wars rage in nearly 40 countries, injuring or displacing tens of millions. Over 80% of these victims are innocent men, women and children, often the poorest of the poor. Survivor Corps helps these victims become survivors who break the cycles of violence and victimization and lead the rebuilding of their communities. For more information please go to .

About Howard G Buffett:
The Howard G. Buffett Foundation was established with a mission to improve the standard of living and quality of life for the world’s poor, impoverished, and marginalized populations. The Foundation is steered by Howard Graham Buffett, son of billionaire investor Warren Buffett. Howard Buffett is active in business, politics, agriculture, conservation, photography, and philanthropy. He is author of articles and books on conservation and wildlife, board member of several conservation organizations, and board member of a number of multinational food and agriculture companies. His writings and grant making reflect a philosophy that biodiversity and high-yield agriculture can be compatible.

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