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The Secret to a Long Life

The Secret to a Long Life

The Secret to a Long Life | SFLUXE

Cynthia Kenyon

Cut the sugar!

Cynthia Kenyon, based at UC San Francisco, is widely regarded as one of the leading scientists studying aging. So when we learned what she does to keep herself youthful, we took note!

Her advice is simple, but not so easy to follow. Eat plenty of peanuts and drink red wine for their high levels of resveratrol, and never (repeat, bolded in italics!!!) never consume sugar or high-glycemic carbs. Insulin, it turns out, is the great enemy of youth– and sugary foods cause the body to produce it.

Says Kenyon:

I personally reduce my intake of sugar and other high-glycemic carbohydrates, which increase insulin levels.”

She recently gave a presentation to the public explaining how she came to these conclusions.

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