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The Most Luxurious Tennis Courts in America

The Most Luxurious Tennis Courts in America

The Most Luxurious Tennis Courts in America | SFLUXE 8

If you love tennis, you don't actually have to go to famous tennis resorts like Spain's La Manga or Nevis' Four Seasons just to experience luxury at its finest. A lot of resorts in North America actually provide high-end accommodations along with stunning tennis facilities. Here is a list of the resorts that truly stand out for the tennis crowd in America, thanks to their gorgeous ambience and careful attention to detail.

Most Luxurious Tennis Courts
Rafael Nadal himself loves California's La Quinta Resort and Club.

La Quinta Resort and Club has received a lot of praise from various people, including the tennis professional Rafael Nadal. He actually played at La Quinta's court for the BNP Paribas Tennis Open, so he should know what he's talking about. Aside from raving about the atmosphere and the facilities, he loved the tranquility that came with the place, as well. O

riginally a desert hideaway by the Santa Rosa Mountains, La Quinta Resort and Club has proven to be a personal refuge for a lot of Hollywood celebrities and guests from all over the world ever since 1926. Both personal and private, La Quinta Resort and Club's layout and architecture creates a charming look and feel, where you can easily spend the week lounging around by the pool, amongst other things.

Most Luxurious Tennis Courts
La Quinta Resort and Club has one of the most luxurious tennis courts in America.

La Quinta Resort and Club definitely takes tennis serious. It has 23 courts in total, which feature clay, hard and glass surfaces and which a lot of top tennis players have already graced. This means that guests can experience the actual playing surface of every Grand Slam tennis event out there. Not a lot of resorts can say the same thing. The flower-filled tennis center can be found in the middle of La Quinta Resort and Club, placing it within walking distance of the fitness center, spa, pools, shopping places and restaurants.

Most Luxurious Tennis Courts
Sea Island has one of the most luxurious tennis courts in America.

Sea Island can be found on the Golden Isles of Georgia. This Forbes 5-star resort has world-class accommodations in the form of The Lodge and The Cloister. The latter is known as Sea Island's grand centerpiece due to the immense elegance that it has provided since it came about in 1928. It has stunning and lush gardens, as well. The Sea Island Tennis Center is sure to be loved by Tennis players, too, and it includes 8 Har-Tru courts and The Cloister and Retreat Tennis Centers.

Most Luxurious Tennis Courts
Enjoy instructional sessions of tennis at Sea Island, Georgia.

Accommodations aside, the Classic Package comes with daily court time and instructional sessions at lower prices when purchased at the Tennis Center shop. Professional instructors offer a year-round full-service instructional program that can be customized per skill level. The professional shops are full of the latest accessories, clothes and equipment, as well. The Platinum Package, on the other hand, brings together instructional sessions with private training through former professionals Murphy or Luke Jensen every day. Personal fitness classes, resort credit for various purchases and unlimited court time are also available everyday.

Most Luxurious Tennis Courts
Pinehurst Resort has one of the most luxurious tennis courts in America.

Pinehurst Resort is one of the famous resorts in the South and is also considered to be on one of the best golf retreats in the world. After all, it is a great place to play tennis in. Hidden among North Carolina's Sandhills, Pinehurst Resort's Southern hospitality, recreational activities and sophisticated accommodations really place it on top. Pinehurst Resort's Tennis campus has 24 courts in total – 6 hard surface ones and 18 clay ones – and a lot of them even stay open at night. Pinehurst Resort's tennis center was named the 1994-96 U.S. Clay Court Tournament site and its yearly tennis events include the USTA Men's Nationals. Lessons, pairing services, lessons and ball machines are available, too. With more than 450 members in Pinehurst Resort's Tennis Club, it is always possible to arrange games for singles or doubles based on your playing level. Not a lot of resorts can provide the same kind of quality in their pairing services just yet.

Most Luxurious Tennis Courts
Topnotch Resort and Spa has one of the most luxurious tennis courts in America.

A lot of people – tennis fans included – get surprised when they hear that a luxurious tennis resort actually exists in Vermont. After all, the place is more popular for skiing than anything else. Topnotch Resort and Spa is a charming country retreat set inside a stunning setting, proving to be the best escape for guests who want to experience traditional luxurious New England resorts. At Topnotch Resort and Spa, hospitality is placed in the forefront. From a vast array of tennis services for both beginners and professionals in the game, Topnotch Resort and Spa proves to be the ultimate haven for every tennis lover.

Most Luxurious Tennis Courts
Topnotch Resort and Spa has ten tennis courts in total.

Topnotch Resort and Spa has four indoor hard courts and six seasonal outdoor courts, with more than 30 programs to suit any age and playing level. Certified instructors teach with the unique Play-to-Win method, and their newly renovated facilities at the Tennis Center include cutting-edge technologies, such as Dartfish video analysis and a smart ball machine, all of which can be enjoyed in the Green Mountains' exhilarating setting.

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