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The Italian Connection

The Italian Connection

The Italian Connection | SFLUXE 2

Look out, Danielle Steele, there’s a new gal in town. And she drives a Ferrari.

I went to the book launch on Thursday, April 12, of Jill St. Anne‘s latest, “The Italian Connection.” It was a festive evening, as it also happened to be the birthday of the author’s lovely mother, Judy Fairchild.

Judy was beaming as she watched Jill inscribe the books for fans and friends, such as Sophie Azouaou, Mark Calvano and Joel Goodrich, who had lined up at Emporio Rulli Gran Caffe. The event was hosted by Claudia Ross, elegant in a long black dress that Madonna designed for H&M (you never would have guessed it was from H&M!)

Claudia Ross, Joe Alioto Veronese and Julie Veronese

The book is fabulous reading, part romance and part intrigue. I’m halfway through it and have a hard time stopping myself from skipping ahead to find out how it ends!


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With its colorful settings in San Francisco and Tuscany, The Italian Connection would make an absolutely perfect movie. I picture it like “Romancing The Stone,” in the way it’s romantic and exciting, and appeals to all sexes and ages — something that’s really hard to do. If Angelina Jolie can’t take the starring role Uma Thurman would be just fine, thank you (work on it, Hollywood.)

Jorge Maumer, Sophie Azouaou, Joel Goodrich, Mark Calvano

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