The Classic Venetian Taxi Boat

We like our cars to have a driver. Our planes to be private. And our boats to be big. If they can’t be big, then pretty will do just fine. (We’re not in it for the sport, darling.) So that’s why we were drawn to this elegant Venetian taxi boat that a Friend of SFLuxe is selling.

Hand-built by Franco D’Este in Venice in 1985 (totally rebuilt in 2007/8), it’s made of double-planked tongue & groove mahogany, with a 175 HP Perkins diesel engine. We’re told it’s large enough to carry two 8-foot couches in the salon, with additional outdoor seating for 4.

We’re sure there is a boat enthusiast out there who would love to add this very unique, elegant machine to their collection. It would be especially chic for Lake Tahoe! Interested parties should call Diane at (415) 922-6640.