The 411 on 944

The talk around town for the last month or so has been something called 944. What’s 944? Who’s 944? Is it a store, a club, a hotel, one of those secret code words you see in Craigslist ads?

It turns out that 944 is a magazine that’s about to launch in San Francisco — and in a very big way. Local editions of the magazine are already published in Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Diego and Orange County.

Noting our “strong, resounding arts culture” and “burgeoning nightlife scene,” the magazine’s CEO and founder, Marc Lotenberg, says they’re “thrilled” about breaking into the San Francisco market.

I am told that several writers and editors have recently left other local publications to join 944, ensuring that the magazine is really tuned in to what is going on in our city. The first issue is being closely guarded — in fact, nobody outside of the magazine has even had a glimpse of the cover — so we all have to wait to the June 1st launch date to see what it’s like. I’ve seen the Los Angeles issue, and it has more celebrities and a slightly younger, more energetic demographic than we’ve seen in other SF magazines.

As you know, SFluxe loves celebrities! If 944 can bring some of their LA glitz into the city, I think it will be an exciting new addition to San Francisco.

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