The 19th Annual Donors Luncheon

John Buchanan, Dede Wilsey, and Hesham Elnakib, Consul General of Egypt

In anticipation of the de Young’s spectacular opening of “Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs,” the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco recently hosted a luncheon in recognition of their donors, whose contributions help make such exhibitions possible. The nineteenth annual luncheon included special speaker Hesham Elnakib, PH.D., the Consul General of Egypt.

Jeana Toney
Debbie Hatch

William Fries

Gail and Alec Merriam

Walter Newman and Connie Baron

Gretchen Kimball

Lewis Sykes

Alvin Baum

Bob Bransten

Photos: Thomas Gibbons [email [email protected]]