The $15,000 Sneakers

And you thought Manolo Blahnik was expensive.

This pair of sneakers, designed for an episode of “Entourage” by Nike designer Mark Smith, was recently auctioned at ebay for $15,100. Bidding was fueled not by a kinky obsession with actor Adrian Grenier‘s footwear, but by the popularity of rare (often one-of-a-kind) customized sneakers.

In San Francisco customized sneakers are especially big, the trend having just been covered by the San Fransisco Chronicle. It is here, as well, that the whole world of sneaker customization is covered exhaustively by Lucas Mast at “Sneaker Blogger.”

Even though sneakers aren’t my usual thing, I was surprised by how attractive and fun some of the designs are, like the beautifully colored Nike’s you see above.

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