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Celebrating 18th Century Style | SFLUXE

Celebrating 18th Century Style

The art, culture and history of 18th century France has been a constant source of…

Brooks Brothers' Black Fleece | SFLUXE 2

Brooks Brothers’ Black Fleece

Thom Browne I’m wishing for an especially cold winter after looking at the new Black…

Taste, Luxury, Humor: Barneys New York Opens in San Francisco | SFLUXE 1

Taste, Luxury, Humor: Barneys New York Opens in San Francisco

It’s hardly possible for the opening party of Barneys in San Francisco to have been more glamorous.

The New Planned Parenthood | SFLUXE 1

The New Planned Parenthood

“You know the movie ‘The Sixth Sense,’ where the kid says ‘I see dead people?’”…

Oyster Cup in Third Year | SFLUXE 2

Oyster Cup in Third Year

The Grey Goose Oyster Cup was just held at the Cerro Pampa Polo Club in…

Inside the Mid-Winter Gala 2007 | SFLUXE 1

Inside the Mid-Winter Gala 2007

It was like a Traina family reunion at the de Young on Saturday evening. Not…

A&TT goes Public | SFLUXE 2

A&TT goes Public

Alexis and Trevor Traina go before the national spotlight this month (with dogs Tippy and…

Today SF, tomorrow Seychelles | SFLUXE 1

Today SF, tomorrow Seychelles

Donna with Jo Schuman Silver and Denise Hale She’s in a Seychelles state of mind.…

Mid Winter Gala 2006 | SFLUXE 2

Mid Winter Gala 2006

The Junior Committee of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco held a posh Mid-Winter Gala at the de Young Museum. Partygoers glimpsed the “International Arts and Crafts, William Morris to Frank Lloyd Wright” exhibit, followed by supper and dancing to a live band.

Mid Winter Gala 2005 | SFLUXE 4

Mid Winter Gala 2005

The Legion of Honor was the setting for the second major Mid Winter Gala, hosted by the Junior Committee, and Chaired by Kathryn Lasater, Trevor Traina and Allison Speer.