SFlashback: Alan Malouf and Armani, 1980 | SFLUXE 6

SFlashback: Alan Malouf and Armani, 1980

People tend to forget that Giorgio Armani began his career exclusively as a designer of menswear, and that his early breakthrough as a designer was in the way he loosened up the man’s suit.

SFlashback: Nan Kempner, 1952 | SFLUXE 3

SFlashback: Nan Kempner, 1952

One of the surprises in the premier issue of “San Francisco Brides” (the beautiful new…

SFlashback: Arianna Huffington, 1985 | SFLUXE 1

SFlashback: Arianna Huffington, 1985

After reading the lengthy profile of Arianna Huffington in the current issue of “The New…

Halsey Minor's Major Plans | SFLUXE

Halsey Minor’s Major Plans

Le Petit Trianon at 3800 Washington According to “Portfolio” magazine, Halsey Minor is planning to…

SFlashback: Michael Taylor, 1980s | SFLUXE

SFlashback: Michael Taylor, 1980s

Michael Taylor “A studly, Bunyanesque figure who showed too much chest and wore an expensive…

SFlashback: Pacific Heights, 1953 | SFLUXE 2

SFlashback: Pacific Heights, 1953

Browsing Flickr, I found this photo from 1953 of a very old frame house located…

SFlashback: San Francisco, 1971

Detail of panorama photo by Brad Templeton and Bruce Steinberg. Click the photo to see…

SFlashback: Tatiana Sorokko, 1992 | SFLUXE 1

SFlashback: Tatiana Sorokko, 1992

In this week’s flashback, SFluxe goes to the early 1990s, when Tatiana Sorokko was modeling…

SFlashback: Ann Getty in 1981 | SFLUXE

SFlashback: Ann Getty in 1981

A delightful profile of Ann Getty, which appeared in American Vogue’s October 1981 issue.

SFlashback: Denise Hale in 1974 | SFLUXE 2

SFlashback: Denise Hale in 1974

Denise Hale was featured in Vogue in 1974, and here are the photos!