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  • Bay Area Billionaires | SFLUXE

    Bay Area Billionaires

    We take a look at the top 400 richest people in America and find that over 10 percent of them are here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Here’s the top 47! More

  • The New Establishment | SFLUXE

    The New Establishment

    Vanity Fair has made it official – San Francisco is the new center of the Universe for power and influence in business. More

  • Zem Joaquin's Web 1.0 Birthday! | SFLUXE

    Zem Joaquin’s Web 1.0 Birthday!

    Zem Joaquin celebrated her birthday with a web 1.0-themed birthday party that brought out all her tech friends for some old-school fun circa 1999. More

  • The 2010 X-PRIZE Benefit | SFLUXE 19

    The 2010 X-PRIZE Benefit

    The X PRIZE Foundation hosted a Who’s Who of international leaders, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and celebrities at Lucasfilm’s Letterman Digital Arts Center for an extraordinary evening of entertainment, intelligence and vision. More

  • The Haute 100 in San Francisco | SFLUXE

    The Haute 100 in San Francisco

    Our friends at “Haute Living” magazine have released their 2010 list of the 100 most influential people in San Francisco, “the world’s most Golden city.” Did you or your friends make the cut? The complete list is below (all the details on who they are and how they’ve influenced our […] More

  • 44 Billionaires of Northern California

    According to our count, there are 44 northern California residents who appear on the “Forbes 400 Richest People in America” list for 2008. Here they are, listed by Forbes ranking, with a net worth between $1.3 billion and $27 billion: Rank: 3 Name: Lawrence Ellison Net Worth: $27.0 billion Age: […] More

  • Larry Ellison and Melanie Ellison host Sloan Barnett | SFLUXE 1

    Larry Ellison and Melanie Ellison host Sloan Barnett

    It was the book party to end all book parties. Last week Melanie and Larry Ellison opened up their Pacific Heights home to celebrate the publication of “Green Goes With Everything,” by Sloan Barnett, bringing out some of the most impressive names in technology, philanthropy, business and entertainment. Sloan Barnett, […] More

  • Where Will You Be December 8th?

    Photo: Thomas J. Gibbons for The San Francisco Chronicle has confirmed what Valleywag has been reporting for a few weeks — that Larry Page and Lucy Southworth are getting married on the weekend of December 8th. Valleywag says it will be held at Richard Branson’s Necker Island, although the […] More

  • The World Just 7 Minutes Away

    As you know, the hassles of air travel have little do with the actual travel and much to do with all the stuff leading up to the travel — commuting to and from the airport, checking in, waiting and waiting and waiting. And as you also know, people who fly […] More

  • Trading Places, And Nobody Cares | SFLUXE

    Trading Places, And Nobody Cares

    Vanity Fair has released its 2007 list of the 100 people they rank as leaders of “The New Establishment.” No big surprises on the list, which is really quite a silly thing anyway. I mean, what does it mean to say that in 2006 Steve Jobs was number three on […] More

  • Larry Page and his Helicopter | SFLUXE 1

    Larry Page and his Helicopter

    Photo of Larry Page’s helicopter, via Niall Kennedy at Google’s Larry Page flew into Sebastopol, 45 minutes north of San Francisco, over the weekend to attend the popular Foo Camp, put on by the O’Reilly publishers. Everyone else took a car. He took a helicopter, which is great because […] More

  • A-Listers at the X Prize | SFLUXE

    A-Listers at the X Prize

    Lovely Lucy Southworth seems to be getting more in the public eye. She was seen at Saturday’s bigtime X-Prize bash, seen chatting with Arianna Huffington. SF Gate has more photos from the event. It seems everyone who is anyone in Silicon society (and a couple of has beens… but we […] More

  • The D-List | SFLUXE

    The D-List

    Just who wasn’t at the Ritz-Carlton last week (aside from SFluxe)? Denise Hale hosted a private dinner there on Monday night, and these are just some of the impressive folks who showed up. Forget the A-List, it’s on the D-List you really want to be! That’s D for Denise, darling: […] More