Willie Brown

Maria Manetti Farrow's Party for the Opera | SFLUXE

Maria Manetti Farrow’s Party for the Opera

Maria Manetti Farrow recently opened up her Russian Hill co-op to welcome Boucheron and some of the city’s most passionate connoisseurs of fine living in celebrating the San Francisco Opera.

Paul Smith Opening | SFLUXE

Paul Smith Opening

This month’s opening of the Paul Smith shop at 50 Geary Street has been an extraordinary success. Every time we visit, we’re impressed by how many shoppers are inside.

Celebrating ARFAC at the St. Regis | SFLUXE 3

Celebrating ARFAC at the St. Regis

Benefactors of Alzheimer’s Research for a Cure (ARFAC) recently met to celebrate the organization’s upcoming gala, which takes place at the Ferry Building on Friday, February 6th, 2009.

Gala chair, Sandra Mandel, opened up her beautiful residence at the St. Regis for the benefactor party.

Guests, including Willie Brown, Jackie Speier, and Jan Yanehiro, then moved on to a dinner downstairs at the hotel.

Boucheron Reflects San Francisco Elegance | SFLUXE 1

Boucheron Reflects San Francisco Elegance

It’s a true reflection of the sophistication and elegance of San Francisco style that it’s the location of the only Boucheron store in the United States (230 Post Street).

Mark Leno

Party for Equality

Wilkes Bashford and Christopher Bently recently chaired a special event at the Bently Reserve in San Francisco to encourage people to vote No on Proposition 8. It seems that everyone is opposed to Proposition 8 — Gavin Newsom, Barack Obama, Ellen DeGeneres, Sergey Brin and even (as you’ll soon see), Dr. Ruth have showed their opposition to 8.

A Special Evening for Lois Lehrman | SFLUXE 2

A Special Evening for Lois Lehrman

Willie Brown, Lois Lehrman and Elisa Stephens Dr. Elisa Stephens, the president of the Academy…

So Long, Sweet Summer | SFLUXE 1

So Long, Sweet Summer

Tatiana and Serge Sorokko hosted a glamorous farewell to summer dinner at Napa Valley Reserve in St. Helena.