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Green High Rise Trends

San Francisco green living writer, Sophie Azouaou, recently lead a seminar at the Las Vegas Summer Market on trends in high rise design.
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Touching Hearts in the Community | SFLUXE 2
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Touching Hearts in the Community

Raphael House Board member and philanthropist, Sophie Azouaou, of Sophisticate Interiors recently hosted a Community Luncheon in honor of Gurbakash “G” Chahal to thank him for his generous contributions to Raphael House and local homeless families, part of which could be seen on Fox’s reality television show ‘The Secret Millionaire”.
Look of the Day: Derek Holbrook | SFLUXE 5
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Look of the Day: Derek Holbrook

We have five words that will instantly summarize this “Look of the Day”:

Hand-painted Paul Smith shoes.

Who doesn’t love the attention to detail and painstaking respect for quality of a beautiful handmade Italian shoe? But for Derek Holbrook, creativity, flair and high quality are what always set his look apart from the rest.