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  • Stephen Sumner at Sorokko Gallery | SFLUXE 2

    Stephen Sumner at Sorokko Gallery

    Harpers Bazaar’s Glenda Bailey, Juicy Couture’s Pamela Skaist Levy, Banana Republic’s Jack Calhoun, PR queen Claudia Ross, investment manager Adorean Boleancu, Daniel Diaz, Bahya Murad, and Ikram Bendahman Naji were among those to attend the opening of the new Stephen Sumner exhibit at the Serge Sorokko gallery in San Francisco. More

  • Bulgari For The Birthday Gal | SFLUXE 2

    Bulgari For The Birthday Gal

    As you are well aware this is the week in December when we take a day off to stop our normal routine and celebrate someone very special to us all. We refer, of course, to Tatiana Sorokko (did you have someone else in mind?) As she was born December 26th, […] More

  • So Long, Sweet Summer | SFLUXE 1

    So Long, Sweet Summer

    Tatiana and Serge Sorokko hosted a glamorous farewell to summer dinner at Napa Valley Reserve in St. Helena. More

  • Galanos at Sorokko | SFLUXE

    Galanos at Sorokko

    Since his retirement in 1998, the masterful designer James Galanos has taken up art photography. He makes paper collages, then photographs them in his home studio (one of his images, available for purchase from the Sorokko Gallery, is shown above.) The first-ever show of his photography will be held this […] More

  • Out with... Tatiana and Serge Sorokko | SFLUXE 1

    Out with… Tatiana and Serge Sorokko

    Merla Zellerbach of the Nob Hill Gazette had a chat with Tatiana Sorokko recently about her husband’s sexy new status as a Chevalier: Russian-born and Grant Ave. gallery owner Serge Sorokko is sporting a small green insignia in his lapel that designates him a Chevalier des Artes et Lettres from […] More