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Zang Toi's Design for the Winter Ball | SFLUXE 2

Zang Toi’s Design for the Winter Ball

New York based Malaysian fashion designer Zang Toi has signed on as The Encore sponsor of The School of American Ballet’s Winter Ball, taking place in New York on March 9th, 2009.

In anticipation of the event, we’ve asked for this exclusive preview of the beautiful gown he designed for San Francisco-based philanthropist Pamela Joyner, who is an Event Chair.

Zang describes Ms. Joyner’s couture gown as a silk and stain strapless “Diva Gown” with silver beading and embroidered French chantily lace. He has also designed the gown that Pamela Joyner’s daughter, Michelle Giuffrida, will wear.

Azadeh's Moment | SFLUXE 5

Azadeh’s Moment

San Francisco designer Azadeh Riaz received the best possible promotional coverage this weekend when the City’s unofficial Social Ambassador to Washington D.C., Pamela Joyner, was photographed in the Chronicle wearing pieces the designer had created for her to wear to various Inauguration week activities.

We find that Azadeh’s designs have a body-conscious, sexy cut, yet are also very regal. Perhaps it has something to do with her background — she spent five years at the beginning of her career by designing for the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia!

Pamela Joyner's NY Glam | SFLUXE 1

Pamela Joyner’s NY Glam

How delightful to open the New York Times Style Section this weekend and see San…

Glamour at the Yves Saint Laurent Gala | SFLUXE 1

Glamour at the Yves Saint Laurent Gala

See Drew Altizer’s photos from the glamorous gala celebrating the opening of the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit at the de Young. Among those included: Danielle Steel, Pamela Joyner, Tatiana Sorokko, Vanessa Getty, Susan Gutfreund, Denise Hale, Lynn Wyatt, Gelila Puck, and many more.

Inside This Year's Masked Ball | SFLUXE 2

Inside This Year’s Masked Ball

The masked ball that Fred Giuffrida and Pamela Joyner (shown here with Marissa Mayer and Zachary Bogue) hosted in their beautiful home last week raised approximately $200,000 for the Making Waves Foundation.

Andre Leon Talley's SF Visit | SFLUXE 2

Andre Leon Talley’s SF Visit

Andre Leon Talley may have come to San Francisco recently for a Halston retrospective at…

Hell Week's Best Dressed | SFLUXE 2

Hell Week’s Best Dressed

After looking through literally thousands of photos that Drew Altizer and his team took at the Symphony and Opera opening parties, SFLuxe has gathered our favorite selections for the week’s best dressed. For the most part, people went beyond basic black, opting instead for interesting proportions, colors and styles. We hope you agree!

The Ladies in Red | SFLUXE 3

The Ladies in Red

Every woman has a black dress, instantly giving a sophisticated, sleek, modern look. But few women have the level of confidence and sassy-siren sex appeal to wear a slinky red dress to a big event.

New Works Gala | SFLUXE 2

New Works Gala

There are only a few days left to enjoy the San Francisco Ballet’s “New Works…

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A cocktail reception on the 10th honored the benefactors & grand benefactors of the San…