Mireille Schwartz

Inside Gucci's New San Francisco Store | SFLUXE 3

Inside Gucci’s New San Francisco Store

After months of anticipation, we were thrilled to attend the recent opening of Gucci’s beautiful new store in San Francisco, located at 240 Stockton Street, the glamorous Art Deco building that has been a Union Square landmark for decades.

Inside This Year's Masked Ball | SFLUXE 2

Inside This Year’s Masked Ball

The masked ball that Fred Giuffrida and Pamela Joyner (shown here with Marissa Mayer and Zachary Bogue) hosted in their beautiful home last week raised approximately $200,000 for the Making Waves Foundation.

A Safe Halloween For Kids | SFLUXE 1

A Safe Halloween For Kids

As many of you know, SFLuxe.com’s Damion Matthews is a supporter of the Bay Area…

Amber Marie Bently Launches Oro | SFLUXE 3

Amber Marie Bently Launches Oro

Amber Marie Bently launched her newest jewelry collection, Oro, at a private dinner party hosted…

What Raphael House Means to SF | SFLUXE

What Raphael House Means to SF

We asked prominent individuals in the City why they support Raphael House: We have asked some prominent individuals in the City why they support Raphael House: Kendall Wilkinson, Adorean Boleancu, Claudia Ross, Lisa Grotts, Mark Calvano, Mireille Schwartz, Sophie Azouaou, Mary Wolfe

Mireille Schwartz on Raphael House

Mireille Schwartz at a fundraiser in December, 2007 Why I Support Raphael House Mireille Schwartz…

Baubles and Bubbly at Neiman's | SFLUXE 2

Baubles and Bubbly at Neiman’s

Faye Ho and Rosalina Lydster Last week Neiman Marcus welcomed Faye Ho to San Francisco…

Hell Week's Best Dressed | SFLUXE 2

Hell Week’s Best Dressed

After looking through literally thousands of photos that Drew Altizer and his team took at the Symphony and Opera opening parties, SFLuxe has gathered our favorite selections for the week’s best dressed. For the most part, people went beyond basic black, opting instead for interesting proportions, colors and styles. We hope you agree!

Beggars to Exiles | SFLUXE 3

Beggars to Exiles

On July 10th SFLuxe attended a private preview at the Clift’s Spanish Suite of rare…

Nordstrom Fall Fashion Show | SFLUXE

Nordstrom Fall Fashion Show

Charisse Nash arrives in style at the Nordstrom Designer Preview We recently had the pleasure…

John Varvatos Launch

Gurbaksh Chahal, John Varvatos If you weren’t at the mega-launch for the new John Varvatos…

Duke et Duchess opens in Hayes Valley

One of our favorite FOSFL’s (Friend-of-SFLuxe, darling!) stopped by the festive Duke Et Duchess opening…

Raphael House Gala | SFLUXE

Raphael House Gala

San Francisco philanthropists such as Gurbaksh Chahal, Jessica Moment, Claudia Ross and others took part in a black tie fundraiser to benefit Raphael House.

SF Grown at Green's | SFLUXE 1

SF Grown at Green’s

After almost thirty years and more than 40,000 trees planted citywide in San Francisco, Friends…

Celebrating Sophie

We were happy to attend a birthday luncheon at Neiman Marcus recently in honor of Sophie Azouaou.

Inside the Mid-Winter Gala 2008 | SFLUXE

Inside the Mid-Winter Gala 2008

When I saw Vanessa Getty at the Mid-Winter Gala on Saturday, in a gorgeous goddess…