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Compassion and Choices with Florence Henderson | SFLUXE

Compassion and Choices with Florence Henderson

Florence Henderson was in San Francisco earlier this year to speak in support of the work done by "Compassion and Choices," an organization that provides information and emotional support to mentally competent, terminally ill individuals seeking a peaceful death.

San FAANcisco Soiree | SFLUXE

San FAANcisco Soiree

The Caldwell Snyder Gallery in San Francisco recently opened its doors for a private event honoring FAAN, the Food Allergy Anaphylaxis Network.

A Halestorm Hits SOMA | SFLUXE 2

A Halestorm Hits SOMA

Approximately 600 of San Francisco's creative and society crowds descended on Ken's Soma loft in tuxedos, gowns and elaborate masks to celebrate the birthday of Denise Hale.