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  • Paul Smith Opening | SFLUXE

    Paul Smith Opening

    This month’s opening of the Paul Smith shop at 50 Geary Street has been an extraordinary success. Every time we visit, we’re impressed by how many shoppers are inside. More

  • Stephen Sumner at Sorokko Gallery | SFLUXE 2

    Stephen Sumner at Sorokko Gallery

    Harpers Bazaar’s Glenda Bailey, Juicy Couture’s Pamela Skaist Levy, Banana Republic’s Jack Calhoun, PR queen Claudia Ross, investment manager Adorean Boleancu, Daniel Diaz, Bahya Murad, and Ikram Bendahman Naji were among those to attend the opening of the new Stephen Sumner exhibit at the Serge Sorokko gallery in San Francisco. More

  • Bulgari For The Birthday Gal | SFLUXE 2

    Bulgari For The Birthday Gal

    As you are well aware this is the week in December when we take a day off to stop our normal routine and celebrate someone very special to us all. We refer, of course, to Tatiana Sorokko (did you have someone else in mind?) As she was born December 26th, […] More

  • Tommy Hilfiger and Dee Ocleppo at Spruce | SFLUXE

    Tommy Hilfiger and Dee Ocleppo at Spruce

    Tommy Hilfiger was accompanied in San Francisco last week by Dee Ocleppo, showing that they are still very much together, despite a recent change in marriage plans (the couple had made it into the gossip columns a few weeks ago after calling off their August wedding in Mustique. While one […] More

  • Hell Week's Best Dressed | SFLUXE 2

    Hell Week’s Best Dressed

    After looking through literally thousands of photos that Drew Altizer and his team took at the Symphony and Opera opening parties, SFLuxe has gathered our favorite selections for the week’s best dressed. For the most part, people went beyond basic black, opting instead for interesting proportions, colors and styles. We hope you agree! More