Geoff Callan

Black Fleece Comes to San Francisco | SFLUXE 2

Black Fleece Comes to San Francisco

Brooks Brothers celebrated the opening of its beautiful new Black Fleece store on Fillmore Street with a dinner honoring Jennifer Siebel Newsom.

NOH8 in San Francisco! | SFLUXE

NOH8 in San Francisco!

San Francisco recently came together as a community to promote marriage equality by taking part in a photo campaign called NOH8 by celebrity photographer Adam Bouska and partner Jeff Parshley.

Beating Cancer in San Francisco | SFLUXE

Beating Cancer in San Francisco

One couple who has done a phenomenal job at fundraising for cancer prevention and treatment is Hilary Newsom Callan and her husband Geoff.

Thomas Gibbons Big News | SFLUXE 3

Thomas Gibbons Big News

We are happy to report that photographer Thomas John Gibbons has fully recovered from his…

Mark Leno

Party for Equality

Wilkes Bashford and Christopher Bently recently chaired a special event at the Bently Reserve in San Francisco to encourage people to vote No on Proposition 8. It seems that everyone is opposed to Proposition 8 — Gavin Newsom, Barack Obama, Ellen DeGeneres, Sergey Brin and even (as you’ll soon see), Dr. Ruth have showed their opposition to 8.

Buoyant and Lively Summer | SFLUXE 2

Buoyant and Lively Summer

As my friend Laura Albert recently commented: “Something has been surpassed, and there’s no turning…

An Evening of Sparkling Conversations

Geoff Callan and Jan Landis. Photo by David Snow. As you can see, dashing Geoff…

The New Planned Parenthood | SFLUXE 1

The New Planned Parenthood

“You know the movie ‘The Sixth Sense,’ where the kid says ‘I see dead people?’”…

The Family Business | SFLUXE

The Family Business

Barbara, Bob and Regina Callan. Photo by Drew Altizer. “No stilettos please,” said the invitation…