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    Buoyant and Lively Summer | SFLUXE 2

    Buoyant and Lively Summer

    As my friend Laura Albert recently commented: “Something has been surpassed, and there’s no turning back.” She was referring to the cultural shift that has taken place since marriage equality for the LGBT community has started to become a reality across the state and beyond, beginning in this very city. […] More

  • An Evening of Sparkling Conversations

    Geoff Callan and Jan Landis. Photo by David Snow. As you can see, dashing Geoff Callan swept at least one lady off her feet at the Hotel Vitale’s Americano one recent evening (no gossip here folks, wife Hillary Newsom Callan was just a few feet away!) But it was that […] More

  • The New Planned Parenthood | SFLUXE 1

    The New Planned Parenthood

    “You know the movie ‘The Sixth Sense,’ where the kid says ‘I see dead people?’” asks Lonna Corder, the highly respected Montessori teacher. “I see bad parents. Everywhere.” But there wasn’t a bad parent in sight at a recent gathering to celebrate the launch of her new business venture, LIPP […] More

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    The Family Business | SFLUXE

    The Family Business

    Barbara, Bob and Regina Callan. Photo by Drew Altizer. “No stilettos please,” said the invitation to “The Greening of the Marina” on June 9th. The cocktail party and auction at 1771 North Point showcased the beautiful renovations at the property, this year’s “Pacific Coast Builders Showcase” home. With almost everything […] More