Claiborne Swanson

SF20: The 20th Century Has Grown Up | SFLUXE 3

SF20: The 20th Century Has Grown Up

San Francisco 20th Century Art and Design Show, is on its way to become the West Coast's preeminent modernism show. Today, designer Claudia Juestel reports on the opening of the 2010 show.

Chanel & Claiborne's LBD | SFLUXE

Chanel & Claiborne’s LBD

Last week the Chanel boutique and Claiborne Swanson (of Beau boutique) co-hosted a party at John Traina's home in celebration of the 80th birthday of the Little...

Mid Winter Gala 2006 | SFLUXE 2

Mid Winter Gala 2006

The Junior Committee of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco held a posh Mid-Winter Gala at the de Young Museum. Partygoers glimpsed the "International Arts and Crafts, William Morris to Frank Lloyd Wright" exhibit, followed by supper and dancing to a live band.