Adorean Boleancu

Adorean Boleancu’s Stepping Forward

A new poem by Adorean Boleancu called “Stepping Forward.”

My Most Favorite of Firenze

Adorean Boleancu’s new poem, My Most Favorite of Firenze.

Adorean Boleancu’s Spring Poem

We think you’ll enjoy this spring time poem by Adorean Boleancu.

Positive Self, by Adorean Boleancu

A poem written by Adorean Boleancu about attaining one’s positive self.

Adorean Boleancu: Why I Support Family House

Philanthropist Adorean Boleancu, who served on the board of Family House from 2005 to 2009, explains why he believes Family House deserves your support.

Feeding the Homeless of San Francisco

Volunteers for “Meals on Wheels,” such as Adorean Boleancu, are making the community better by taking their time to help the homeless with food and warm clothing.

Soma Grand Condo Sold | SFLUXE

Soma Grand Condo Sold

Listed for $1,785,000, this condo at Soma Grand recently sold. It was the location for the “SOMA ShowRise” fundraiser hosted by Adorean Boleancu in 2010. The one-night-only event raised over $10,000 for the Meals on Heels program of San Francisco Lighthouse.

Touching Lives Benefit Breakfast

Supporters such as Adorean Boleancu, Diana Britt, Dr. Jamie Bigelow, Markham Miller, Allan Hitchcock, and others recently attended a breakfast fundraiser for the Saint Francis Memorial Hospital’s Board of Trustees, Foundation and The Associates.

ROCK party at Epi Center MedSpa | SFLUXE 1

ROCK party at Epi Center MedSpa

Princess Fati Farmanfarmaian recently hosted a private cocktail reception to raise awareness and funds for the cause she’s most passionate for, Real Options For City Kids.

From Teddy Bears to Nuclear Science | SFLUXE

From Teddy Bears to Nuclear Science

Gordon and Ann Getty recently hosted a fundraiser in support of The Glogau Teddy Bear Rescue Fund at UCSF Children’s Hospital, attended by philanthropists and business leaders such as Mayor Gavin Newsom and Jennifer Siebel Newsom, Eleni Tsakopoulos-Kounalakis and Markos Kounalakis, Adorean Boleancu, Paul Pelosi, Jr., Elizabeth Funk, Afsaneh Akhtari, among others.

Welcoming a New "Age" | SFLUXE 3

Welcoming a New “Age”

Pardon us for thinking astrologically, but one couldn’t help it after attending a recent birthday bash that brought together not one, not two, but five Aquarians at once.

Those Who Care, Count!

Caring citizens such as NBC’s Jessica Aguirre, Adorean Boleancu, and Ludmila Kisseleva volunteered their time to walk through the Tenderloin and conduct a census of homeless persons living in San Francisco shelters.

Stephen Sumner at Sorokko Gallery | SFLUXE 2

Stephen Sumner at Sorokko Gallery

Harpers Bazaar’s Glenda Bailey, Juicy Couture’s Pamela Skaist Levy, Banana Republic’s Jack Calhoun, PR queen Claudia Ross, investment manager Adorean Boleancu, Daniel Diaz, Bahya Murad, and Ikram Bendahman Naji were among those to attend the opening of the new Stephen Sumner exhibit at the Serge Sorokko gallery in San Francisco.

What Raphael House Means to SF | SFLUXE

What Raphael House Means to SF

We asked prominent individuals in the City why they support Raphael House: We have asked some prominent individuals in the City why they support Raphael House: Kendall Wilkinson, Adorean Boleancu, Claudia Ross, Lisa Grotts, Mark Calvano, Mireille Schwartz, Sophie Azouaou, Mary Wolfe

Adorean Boleancu on Raphael House | SFLUXE 1

Adorean Boleancu on Raphael House

Adorean Boleancu tells us why he is a proud supporter of Raphael House in San Francisco.

Raphael House Gala | SFLUXE

Raphael House Gala

San Francisco philanthropists such as Gurbaksh Chahal, Jessica Moment, Claudia Ross and others took part in a black tie fundraiser to benefit Raphael House.