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Symphony Gala Patrons Celebration

Symphony Gala Patrons Celebration

Symphony Gala Patrons Celebration | SFLUXE

Lisa Goldman, Doug Goldman, Marcia Goldman, John Goldman

San Francisco Symphony patrons recently gathered at the home of Lisa and Doug Goldman to celebrate the Symphony’s 101st season’s Opening Gala Concert, taking place on September 19, 2012, and featuring superstar violinist Joshua Bell.

Gala chair Christine Lamond thanked all of the attendees for their generous support of the Symphony’s education programs, and ensured guests of a bold and colorful Gala to launch the Symphony into its second century.

Patricia Lamond, Christine Lamond, Pierre Lamond

The Symphony’s Opening Gala pays special tribute to San Francisco Symphony President John Goldman and his wife Marcia, as Mr. Goldman steps down in December 2012 after 11 years as President.

Lisa Goldman, Tanya Powell, Paula Carano

Lee Munson, Merla Zellerbach – Christine Lamond, Alexander Kvamme

Brent Assink, Jan Assink, Marcia Goldman, John Goldman

Norah Stone – George Chammas, Dolly Chammas

Helen Hilton Raiser, Jill Kramer, Phyllis Moldaw

Shelley Gordon, Jim Oakes, Arlene Inch – Mary Jo Kovacevich, Dick Kovacevic

Theo Schwabacher, John Goldman, Julie Flynn, Greg Flynn, Sako Fisher

Frederic Smith, Diane Schaffer, Eileen Birnbaum, Joel Birnbaum

Mary Jo Kovacevich, Margaret Liu Collins, Genelle Relfe

Dick Otter, Judy Wilbur, Sandy Robertson, Jeanne Robertson

Marybeth La Motte, Karen Kubin, Lyhn Haller, Theo Schwabacher