Super Tuesday

On Tuesday the 11th, two of the leading Presidential contenders will both be in San Francisco at the same time.

8:00 am: Rudy Giuliani is having a fundraising breakfast at the Pacific Heights home of Behrman Capital managing partner Bill Matthes and his wife Leigh. It’s $2,300 a plate. To RSVP, call Jane Clark at 707-933-9000 or email [email protected]

11:00 am: Hillary Clinton is the star attraction at a fundraiser hosted by Warren Buffett at the San Francisco Hilton. I’s $100 for a limited number of students or those under 30, $250 for a regular ticket, $1,000 for preferred seating, and $2,300 for a VIP Lunch with Buffett and Clinton.

Later in the week, Mitt Romney (always a bit late to the ball) will be in town. You could meet him Friday at 5:30 pm for a reception at the home of investment banker Michael Whitman and his wife Sandra. It’s $1,000 per person, or $2,300 with a photo op (RSVP to Kristin Hueter at 510-420-1199.)