Summer, Sonoma Style

As we all bundle up for Summer in San Francisco, it’s nice to know that at least some of the locals are enjoying the sun… and they didn’t have to travel too far!

Elyssa Thorp of Delysium (they do a lot of A-list event marketing) sent along these photos from a private party at Verotto Vineyard in Sonoma last Saturday. Doesn’t it look like fun? It’s the new Sonoma — young, sexy, fun, and eager to experience the best that life has to offer!

The event was a Verotto Wines pre-harvest party hosted by Joe Alioto Veronese and his wife Julie Veronese (it’s the 6th year they’ve done it.) Close to 200 people were treated to a preview of their yet-to-be-released 2004 Carneros Pinot Noir. From the looks on their faces, we think they enjoyed it!

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  • People Shown Above:
    Betty Kay Kendrick Coakley, Elyssa Cahill Thorp, Angie Silvy, Joe Alioto Veronese