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Stoppleman Brothers On The Market

Stoppleman Brothers On The Market

Michael Stoppleman and Jeremy Stoppleman

We’re not sure what kind of review these brothers have on Yelp, but the Nob Hill Gazette thinks these dudes are the bees knees! Including them in the February issue’s “15th Annual Eligibles List,” the NHG seems to be going in a more exciting direction with the list than in years past.

Michael Stoppelman describes himself as possessing “rugged good looks,” and being “sweet, outgoing, witty, stunningly intelligent & humble; ideal match for any smart, energetic SF girl.” Nice sense of humor.

jeremy stoppelman
Jeremy Stoppelman

His brother, Jeremy, co-founder & CEO of is perhaps less creative with the written word, simply noting that he “enjoys dining, dog parks, nightlife & fresh air.” It’s always good to have a partner who enjoys… breathing!

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