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Stephen Sumner at Sorokko Gallery

Stephen Sumner at Sorokko Gallery

Stephen Sumner at Sorokko Gallery | SFLUXE 2

Stephen Sumner, with wife Glenda Bailey (editor of Harper’s Bazaar)

“Stephen Sumner: New Works” was recently launched at the Serge Sorokko Gallery. This U.S. premiere of the British artist’s work, consisting of 20 remarkable new landscapes, gives us a rare access to a large group of his paintings.

The opening was packed with a wonderfully eclectic mix of people from the worlds of fashion, art and philanthropy. However, the best opportunity to view Sumner’s work was during the day, after the party, when one could give it the sustained contemplation it deserves.

Among those who attended were Harper’s Bazaar’s Glenda Bailey, Juicy Couture’s Pamela Skaist Levy, Banana Republic’s Jack Calhoun, PR executive Claudia Ross, Adorean Boleancu, Daniel Diaz, Bahya Murad, Ikram Bendahman Naji, and others.

Katya Sorokko and Serge Sorokko at the exhibit opening

“It is with great pleasure, indeed, that we introduce Stephen Sumner’s latest work to audiences in the United States,” said gallery owner Serge Sorokko. “His unique imagination and subtle use of color and light set him apart from many other contemporary artists. We are happy to exhibit his extraordinary paintings again.”

Luba Troyanovsky and Kira Makagon, with Tatiana Sorokko
Ikram Bendahman Naji, Adorean Boleancu, Bahya Oumlil-Mura

Ikram Bendahman Naji, Adorean Boleancu, Bahya Murad

Deborah Durant, Leslie Yu, Gabrielle Feuersinger, Alex Bie

Claudia Ross and Larry Block

Glenda Bailey and Jack Calhoun

Eric Buterbaugh, Juicy Couture’s Pamela Skaist Levy, and Stephen Sumner

We think you will find that due to the mysterious nature of the paintings, there’s always something fresh and interesting about them even after repeat viewings.

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