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A Special Evening for Lois Lehrman

A Special Evening for Lois Lehrman

A Special Evening for Lois Lehrman | SFLUXE 2

Willie Brown, Lois Lehrman and Elisa Stephens

Dr. Elisa Stephens, the president of the Academy of Art University, recently hosted a dinner to honor Lois Lehrman, now in her 30th year as publisher of the Nob Hill Gazette. It was a lovely dinner, preceded by a formal declaration of “Lois Lehrman Day” by the Mayor’s Office, and the University’s bestowal of an honorary doctorate.

Willie Brown, Sonya Molodetskaya, Robert Atkinson

I can only imagine how touched Ms. Lehrman must have been to be surrounded by so many of the friends she has gathered over the years, who all came together to enjoy the evening in her honor. Even her “competition” as a publisher was there to say some nice words about her — Tom Hartle of “7×7”, who recounted how warmly Lehrman greeted him as a newcomer to the city a few years ago.

Alex Chases, Deborah Strobin, Gaea Denker Lehrman, Craig Card/strong>

Delia Ehrlich, Dean Jenkins, Bella Farrow

Wilkes Bashford, Robin Collins, Ed Conlon

It’s something so few people ever experience — but should. Sure, people will go to a birthday party, a dinner party, this party or that — but to go to a party just to express one’s admiration, one’s friendship, one’s gratitude and one’s love for a single person — well, how cool is that!

Denise Hale, Michael Murphy

Pamela Deikel, Ted Deikel

I hope you all eventually get a day of your own — but remember you can also host an event to honor someone close to you! It doesn’t have to be as formal as the Lehrman dinner, it could simply be a surprise pizza night where a group of friends get together to tell another friend how much she is loved.

Julie Coplon, Robert Capan