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Sorokko on Martha Stewart

Sorokko on Martha Stewart

Model, historian, collector, editor, author — Tatiana Sorokko is a woman of many talents and job titles, most of them having to do with fashion. So when we heard she was to appear on Martha Stewart this week, we thought it must have something to do with clothes.

Oh boy, were we wrong!

She’s going to be there not for fashion, but for pickles!

It seems that Tatiana is known among her friends for her homemade Dill Pickles, using a recipe handed down to her from her Russian grandmother.

“I’m so happy to be able to share the recipe with everyone – even if it is several million people!” she said in an email to all her pickle fans.

The show is going to be broadcast live from New York this Thursday, October 16th (check your TV schedule for channel and time information.)

For those who always look forward to seeing what Tatiana is wearing, don’t worry — she’s not turning completely domestic on us. The TV appearance promises to be a major fashion moment: not only will Tatiana and Martha both wear Ralph Rucci, but the designer himself will be in the studio audience!

The Vlasic stork was never this chic.

Photo: Ralph Rucci and Tatiana Sorokko at Neiman Marcus, San Francisco, in April. By Drew Altizer []