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Sophie Azouaou on Raphael House

Sophie Azouaou on Raphael House

Why I Support Raphael House

“I was introduced to Raphael house in 2006 by Benefit Magazine and City Apartment. They approached me to redesign 2 units for 2 homeless families that graduated from the program. We worked hard to be able to hand the keys to the homeless families the day before Christmas. It was the most meaningful Christmas of my life. ABC 7 aired the story on Christmas day. Since then I became more involved with this amazing organization and I serve on the Board of directors.

Raphael House is unique as it is not only a shelter but it provides after school programs, summer camps and many wonderful activities for the children. Raphael House is also unique in the sense that it goes full circle; once a resident, you will always be part of it, as we remain in touch with our former residents and make sure they are well back on their feet. We help them find housing, work and get financial stability.

I am so honored to be part of it. We hope many will attend the Benefit Breakfast, during these financial dynamic times we need to generate funds more than ever!

I was recently involved on another project related to RH: I just did a Make Over for a family that graduated from the program.

Again, we are all blessed, taking a little time to help others in need can go a long way.”